The Mission

This blog is motivated to invoke inspiration and spark imagination through a collective series of illustrative essays, short stories, poetry, music and most of all, my heart and soul.
Inspiration often escapes us through sacrifice.  We consistently sacrifice our dreams to the soul-decimating daily grind.  It is my conviction that you will find some sort of sanctuary in the words I have written and will continue to write for you as long as I am breathing.
I am optimistic that these stories will stir your spiritual growth by furthermore releasing those exhilarating endorphins that soothe the mind and leave the soul satisfied, yet searching for more.
I leave you with a recent qu-oem that pretty much sums this thing up.


“At the end of the day, allow me to find a tree and reflect upon me.  I do not wish for the news or a new pair of shoes, though they would be nice and well enough suffice to take me to that tree, where I can be me.