One For The Road

Words cannot describe everything. The heart’s message cannot be delivered in words.

In the wake of my own flood
where these words
have dripped from my blood
scripted from a heart
that I tried to jumpstart,
well that was just the first part.
In light of all this
there is something I found
it is in a moment of silence
when the story
begins to make
all the more sense.
It is in this
coming of age
that has opened up
the parts of me
I could never see
Yet always sitting there
hidden behind a stage
up a flight of beaten stairs
awaits an inner sage.
It was in time
that I learned
what it meant
for a word to rhyme
and hang it out to dry
for the world to pry
what these words are about
the ones that I
scream in a silent shout,
some tangled in rhapsody
others touched by heartfelt melody
so soon will come the day
when my words
come back to play
never left to fray.
First I must look,
look to my own mind
for what’s left of it
and the voice it carries
I must find.
What is that I have to say
will once again sing
with that something
in the me I find
along that lonesome way
But before I go
Here is one,
One more for the road.
BeLove © 2018

Be back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

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