Potter’s Field

A Forgotten Relic Of My Poetic Past.

I climbed the fence

to old man potter’s field

the fog hung low above the ground

while I looked all around

those eerily empty tombs

this is what I found

a certain headstone

void of a name

it held an inscription instead

’twas a bit of wisdom

written with a twist

and this is what it read:

“remember me, as you pass by,

as you are now, so once was I,

as I am now, you too shall be,

prepare for expiration and follow me.”

with a pen and paper in hand

I left a silly note

a small little anecdote:

“to follow you, I won’t consent,

for I do not know which way you went.”

Poetic Past v.22 / ca. 1998
-Be Love-
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  1. Delightful and neat poem, Beautiful image too.


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