Wilderness Within

The wilderness within is becoming thick again. Yet through thick and thin we must acknowledge sin in order for the journey to begin.


A shattered light seeps through the bathroom window

Burying the darkness deep below.

Awakened by a light within

Shining through the window of my soul

The winds are no longer damp and cold.


Is the mirror through which I see?

A reflection of what could be

Could there be some good left in me?

All one must do is believe.


The solitude of serenity speaks in silence

Without a single sentence.

If love is pillaged through a verbal vent

Redemption must be foraged in hope’s hint.

Instead of goodness being disguised as hell bent

We will watch as evil slips through the shattered light

Tainted with an exhausted blight.


There are words that cut through the darkness in my heart.

In their forsaken freedom we become aware of conscious art.

The subjective space between the objective depth of evil

Withers wicked in the light where ego is affixed as feeble.


A ship called Passion is pulling into port.

Abating the anchorage of a vindictive evil.

The captain of courage sits robed in chivalry

Anticipating the homecoming of his convinced Calvary.


He sits at sea with words disguised as a divine army

Shielded by the sanctity of a misplaced truth.

Swords of ink are being drawn

With the break of every dawn.

Love is the only weapon we need

To set the wicked free.


The time will come to sail to the sea of destiny

To fight for spiritual ascendency.

But first we must explore the Gulf of Goodness

Where a storm named Wicked looms threatening.

There is a purpose to the journey

Buried in the wilderness deep within me.

Poetic Presence v.8 / 8.2.17
-Be Love-

“Saint Ex”


A note from the author:
There is a change on the horizon.  Barstool Buddha will be subject to only the poetic side of me.  While I feel that I have made strides by just staying true to my passion, Barstool Buddha isn’t the brand that I feel is true to the cerebral side of me.  That being said there is a new blog being built with a more cerebral foundation.  Ultimately it is more true to the path that I must allow my writing the access to.  It will be all about “The Wilderness Within”.  It will be a creative exploration into the spiritual wilderness that rests within my soul.  Barstool Buddha will thrive in the organic sense once its identity is set in stone.  Barstool Buddha, while genuine isn’t the purest part of me.  I’m not sure if there is anything pure about me, but through hell or high-water, we are going to get to the bottom of me.  The only way for me to do that is through you.
-Welcome To Me-
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