The Majesty In A Tragedy

The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.

-Norman Cousins

It’s time for a story written in glory
There was once a love so young, oblivious to fear

It blossomed into something cryptic and mystic.

Her stare struck my heart like a legionnaire’s battle-drawn spear

The bitter taste of a fruit so sweet

Could you blame me for picking it from the tree

Let the folks sit and stare

At the wisdom we left behind for the fool to share

Leave it lonely and lost if you dare

Watching love laugh in the face of an act so cruel

While I stand in awe of a bedazzled jewel

She held the dark and made it spark

With a word I took a tragedy and turned it into majesty

She took my mistrust and turned it to dust

Lest there is something we have yet discussed

She held a hue from a heart broken by lust

It painted her perfect in a perpetual sense

As she danced with a ceramic suspense

The music she held wrapped around her finger

With a smile so soft that it will always linger

In my own until I grow old

Or until my soul is settled as sold

Somehow she slipped and fell into my simmering soul

Stirring my spirit until I could feel it

With the wisp of a wish, hope was nourished

I’m not sure if it was my heart she stole

But it was in the blink of an eye my fortune was told

My oh my, it still shines like gold

Poetic Past v.20 / ca. 2005
-Be Love-

Shovels & Rope / The Devil Is All Around

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