Tongue Twister

that hugest whole creation may be less incalculable than a single kiss.

-e.e. cummings

In life we imitate art
Through art we mimic life.
With the harmony of memories so sweet
Of friends, family, children, and the lovers in between.
To the ones who inspire us beyond the fueled fire
We must never cease to exist.
For its a dream we must advocate
What would it take for us to coexist?
In this life those we have kissed
Will always be missed.
But in the love we must build
Please make it kind and not blind.
Take their tongue and make it twist.
There are those that keep us thrilled
Some that cleanse us distilled
Others that leave unfulfilled.
But the light above will always beacon
To those who choose, it will only strengthen
And to those who walk away, leave beaten,
Please know that there is something to believe in.
It’s something we must discuss
When talking about the foundation of us.
As we paint a picture of the future
With a feeling that we need to nurture
In lieu of a fleeting departure.
Newness will change the culture
Blueness will rearrange the soul
As we circle around life’s potholes
In a shrewdness written in the scrolls.
Change is a constant
That thrives with every new day.
What can happen in an instant
Is a moment we must portray.
What and the hell did you do
To make me think this way?
There is a picture being drawn
Oh it’s the most beautiful dawn
But with every dawn the sun must set.
Yet I know a little secret
One that you do not yet.
In time you will but first I must climb that hill.
In the meantime
Take my mind with your spare time
And read it line for line
There you will find the glaring sign.

Poetic Past v.19 / ca. 2006 / rev. 2017
-Be Love-

 Vulfpeck / 1612

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