Break It Down

Sometimes I horse around quite a lot, just to keep from getting bored.

-Holden Caulfield

Take this heart and pick her apart.
Before I go ahead and put this thing to bed.
You’re a day late and a dollar short
So take this change and meet in the middle.
Love is a riddle except when played second fiddle.
Sometimes a fool must rhyme to forgive his crime.
When a word on a page graces an empty stage.
The lights go low, it’s time for the show.
Confidence spreads with a shimmer in shadows that grow dimmer.
Hopes hang high above a rafter held tight by laughter.
Dreams are drawn in place of a familiar face.
Remember to share and always play fair.
One of these days, I’ll take you to the place.
Where wolves howl a tune and sing it back to the moon.
Or see the clown who wears a crown.
Where we build it up from the ground just to break it all down.
Poetic Past / ca. 2008
-Be Love-

Los Lobos / When The Circus Comes To Town

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