Poetic Presence v.4

Falling in love inspired me many moons ago. Now my sights turn to preserving that feeling that has never seemed so distant in society.

2 + 2 = 5


When stuck between this and that

Just look to the middle

For the verity in a riddle

The simple task

Of which I ask

Is to think for yourself

Before that thought is put on a shelf

To gather dust from a dirt unjust

Only to burn from freedom spurned

The abyss of hate has never been great

And the great grow restless in the shadow of greed

While greed has yet to be freed.

The supremacy of being


The secret of sanctity


The value of validity.

Powers that be, redesign the meaning of free

But to see the beauty of a flower

Sleeps in our individual power

That forsakes the strategically placed fear

While we watch hate disappear.

History will be written with the plan

That freedom is earned in a Word learned

By the hand that has been bitten

With an excited delight in its patented right

To sit and think.

Whatever happened to the Influence of Ink?


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