Spin Me Around & Call Me Spun

This is the first poem I ever wrote.  Damn near 20 years ago.

Morning light ascends dripped in a dream passed
The moon basks behind a mask
Stars sprinkle with a twinkle
Thoughts go numb to the beat of a drum
Clouds of sanity trickle through the vanity
As we become one with the blazing sun
Vision turns hazy, into colors that melt lazy
Looking for something I couldn’t find, in the absence of my mind
Shadows start chasing, behind reality racing
A drop of this tincture paints a pretty picture
Careful not to trip on that daisy, she might drive you crazy
Then I saw her there, doused in a beauty that filled the air
Into her glare, I caught a stare
All because she knew who she was
When heaven shined from high above
A kiss so sweet that it tickled my feet
Climb this creation, here hold my hallucination
We watch as day turns diluted by night
Eyes flutter in the sight of an unseen light
Spirits lift high above this place as we meander into space
We dance to the glory of time forgetting its story
You follow my lead away from distractions that exceed
Through a common ground, drenched in sound
We lay our heads upon some meadow bed
With the lift of your gown, in passion we drown
Reality takes a rest as we give it our best
Dipped in another dose of fun, together we touch the sun
My hesitation slips as you lift your hips
Symmetry flips between existence eclipsed
I’ll carry you to the end or just past the bend
Wake me when you go, before the rooster’s crow
Together we spin around
And You call me Spun
Poetic Past v.13 / ca.  1997
-Be Love-

The next chapter has a story.

No one has ever asked what took me to Widespread Panic?

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